Advertising and Marketing Clerk Needed!!

The THC Group is looking for an advertising and marketing clerk to help us market our network.

The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in Cannabis culture and be up to date with the currently emerging Cannabis Industry and Lifestyle.

Job duties will include marketing our network of online properties to bring in revenue, marketing our domain portfolio, contacting perspective advertisers, correspond with current advertising clients, and other marketing tasks.

Compensation will be discussed, but will mostly be on a percentage basis, with other opportunities available if they arise.

If you believe you are a qualified candidate, and would like to work in this exciting field, contact us today to schedule a meeting.
THC Group Management


Volunteer Social Media and Classified Clerk Needed!!

The THC Group is currently in need of a volunteer social media and classified clerk.

This potential applicant will need to be fluent and current in their knowledge of cannabis and the emerging industry.

Duties will include approving/denying classified ads on a daily basis, posting approved ads throughout our social media network, answering questions about our classified ads service, and helping maintain the overall health and integrity of the site itself.

I have to offer this as a volunteer position due to the fact that we are a grassroots effort without any form of financial funding. With that said though, there are possibilities that some form of small compensation can be arranged after a “probationary” period has passed, but I can not guarantee anything at this time.

This position does not require any traveling, relocation, or commuting to an office space. All work can be done wherever you are able to use the internet.

If you think this is something that you would possibly be interested in pursuing, please contact us today.




THC Group Volunteer position available

The THC Group is actively seeking a volunteer in the cannabis lifestyle to help research, publish, and post marijuana investment related news and information.

This position would not involve a large amount of time. Less than an hour a day would be plenty to be able to relay the latest press release and news regarding MJ stocks.

If you have an interest in helping promote marijuana investment opportunities, along with the ability to learn more about the sector as a whole, please contact me with any pertinent information that would help show your interest in this position.

Once again, this would be a volunteer only position until further notice.

Thanks in advance for your interest and support.

THC Group Mgmt

Currently seeking Network News Publisher 3/9/2013

The THC Group is currently looking for a qualified applicant to help with the publishing of news throughout the sites in our network.

Sites are broken down to individualized news focus, so extra attention to detail needs to be applied to insure news being published on the right property.

Compensation options will be given once discussion about the job position begins with qualified candidate(s) .

If you are interested in joining the THC Group team and would like the ability to work at home at your own pace (provided news is posted in a timely fashion), please send us your experience information along with your resume and qualifications, either through the site, or sending an email to

Seeking a P/T Commision Based Marketing Asst

The THC Group is looking for a part time marketing asst that will work on a commission basis from the revenue from our advertising and publishing campaigns.

The right person will be in control of the marketing for the whole network of online properties, as well as other avenues we are pursuing offline.

Please provide a brief description of your experience, and attach a copy of your resume and send it through the site, or by email to and we will review your qualifications.

This is a part time position with no specific work hours, and the ability to work at home in your own comfort zone.

News Posting Technician Wanted

The THC Group is looking for a bright, self motivated individual to work from home posting news and information regarding Cannabis Stocks and Investments.

This will be a M-F position and will only require approximately 15-20 minutes per day to gather and post Press Releases from companies.

If you would like to apply for this position, please contact us and include a brief discussion of why you would like this responsibility and include a summary of past responsibilities.

Compensation will be discussed upon tentative agreement.