Online Web Properties

The THC Group’s Portfolio of online web properties is forever growing and expanding to be able to cover as many aspects of the Cannabis Culture as we can. We are continuously working to update, improve and grow our portfolio of websites to keep up to date with the ever changing science and culture of the Marijuana sector.

The Following are just a few of our online properties:

cannadrlarge is a cannabis Physician and Medical Marijuana Recommendation Service Directory.

Get your Medical Cannabis Prescription by searching the Cannabis Doctor Directory for a location near you.

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Marisave is a Groupon style website for Marijuana Industry offering Coupons,

Discounts and Deals on Medical Marijuana, Accessories, and other products and services for the lifestyle.

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THC Media is a Grassroots Marijuana and Alternative News Outlet featuring

Breaking News and updates regarding both Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis use.

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The THC Group has the latest News and Information regarding Marijuana Stocks, and investing in the Cannabis sector (stocks,funds).

We also provide Web Service geared towards the Cannabis and Counter Culture Industry.

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Stoner World Forums is a stoner and marijuana 420 community featuring cannabis and alternative lifestyle forums,

stoner chat rooms, marijuana pics, cannabis news and activism, marijuana growing information,

humor and comedy, stoner podcasts and more. A Marijuana Friendly Community.

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Weed Watch Marijuana Magazine has everything from Cannabis News Forums,

Marijuana Cultivation Advice, Cannabis Seed Breeders, and an endless stash of information for the Counter Culture Lifestyle.

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The Hash Forums is a community based on the art of making marijuana concentrates,

showing of hash products, and helping others in the cannabis community.

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Hemp Shed is the web’s only Hemp and Cannabis Collectible and Memorabilia outlet along with the largest supplier of

Hemp related Merchandise and Accessories along with the basic Marijuana Gifts and Novelties.

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800 Hydro is one of the leading outlets for Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Ebb and Flow setups, DWC, soils, nutrients,

and any gardening supplies and hydroponic equipment available on the market.

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800 Organics is the Premiere outlet for natural and organic food products, herbs, spices & seasonings, teas, cooking ingredients & Baking Flavors and other all natural supplies. Organic, non-GMO foods and ingredients are much more beneficial to personal nutrition and overall health.

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Marijuana TV – Videos, Movies, and short clips for Cannabis and the Counter Culture Lifestyle.

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Granny Green’s Marijuana Infused Medicated Edibles are the perfect choice for Michigan medical marijuana patients

to achieve the desired effect without the harmful side effects of smoking.

Product Distribution Opportunities


If you are looking to sell a marijuana or hemp related website, and would like it to be capable of reaching it’s full potential, please contact us to discuss some of your available options.