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THC Group Offices now located in South West Florida

This summer has definitely been an adventurous for The THC Group. This summer, The THC Group has finally relocated it’s offices back to the beautiful and sunny shores of South West Florida.

Being back in Florida, The THC group Network would like to become re-acquainted with fellow Floridians that are in some way, shape, or form, involved in the Cannabis Industry.

I am also excited about being part of the upcoming vote in November that’s going to bring Florida out of the shadows, and legalize medical marijuana for those that need it.

With this new found medical marijuana boom that is almost guaranteed to happen, The THC Group is looking to partner with like minded folks to navigate and be part of this green rush, as the possibilities are going to be endless.

I can be reached through the site’s contact page or by email info@thcmedia.com. Of course I am also available through any of our websites or associated social media accounts.

I look forward to possibly collaborating with some great people and getting a jump start on 2017.


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Happy Holidays Cannabis Aficionados

The THC Group would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday season.

To celebrate this time of year, we are offering a Holiday Special for all Products and Services in the Cannabis Industry.

For a limited time, get a full year (2016) of Banner and Text Advertising on 5 different sites in The THC Group Network, for only $1000.

All advertisers will receive a full year of either a 468×60 or 250×250 Banner, along with a Descriptive Text Ad, put into rotation on the following sites:

WeedWatch.com – Online Marijuana Community Forums

MariSave.com – Deals & Discounts for the Cannabis Culture

WeedTrader.com – Online Medical Marijuana Classifieds

HenpShed.com – Cannabis Gifts & Collectibles E-Commerce

CannabisDrs.com – Online Directory of Cannabis Doctors and Recommendation Services.


Receive an Extra Text Ad for the year on:

CannaTemps.com – Online Cannabis Career Job Listings


Receive one posting a month, during the advertising campaign, on The THC Group Network’s Social Media Accounts.


As an additional BONUS, all advertisers that take advantage of this offer will be put into a drawing to win an additional 6 months of advertising for FREE.

This incredible offer won’t be available for long, and spaces are limited, so take advantage and give us a shout today for more details.

If this offer does not fit your budget, contact us today to receive a custom advertising campaign quote with special holiday pricing.

A Special Thanks to everyone that has supported, and/or been involved in the progression of Cannabis throughout the world, and those who have supported The THC Group Network through this journey.

Cannabis Industry Employment Listings

(Press Release 6/9/2015)

The THC Group is proud to announce the opening of CannaTemps.com, a Cannabis Industry Job Listing and Placement service.

CannaTemps.com offers free job listings to businesses in the Cannabis Industry, to help expand their access to top-notch, qualified employees, who are
searching for Full Time, Part Time, Freelance, and Temporary employment.

If you are business that would like to work and partner with CannaTemps, to gain as much exposure as possible, please contact us immediately to talk further and discuss the endless possibilities.

Prospective job searchers are able to filter search results to fit their qualifications and desired positions they are searching for.

It is completely Free to use the CannaTemps website, so be sure to visit and see what you future in the Cannabis Industry holds.

For more information about CannaTemps.com, The THC Group, and the other Cannabis Related properties we maintain, head over to TheTHCGroup.com or contact us, to learn more.

Domains Sold the week ending 5/9/15

The following domains were sold by The THC Group the week endingĀ  May 3, 2015.






Prices are not disclosed for the privacy of the buyer.

Advertising and Marketing Clerk Needed!!

The THC Group is looking for an advertising and marketing clerk to help us market our network.

The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in Cannabis culture and be up to date with the currently emerging Cannabis Industry and Lifestyle.

Job duties will include marketing our network of online properties to bring in revenue, marketing our domain portfolio, contacting perspective advertisers, correspond with current advertising clients, and other marketing tasks.

Compensation will be discussed, but will mostly be on a percentage basis, with other opportunities available if they arise.

If you believe you are a qualified candidate, and would like to work in this exciting field, contact us today to schedule a meeting.
THC Group Management


Looking for Investors for 2015

The THC Group is looking for investors to help us move forward and be able to utilize our assets to better position ourselves in the emerging Cannabis Industry, both medical and recreational.

We are looking to put together a team of well trained Counter Culture and Social Media experts so that we can excel in the Marijuana Sector.

Our ever expanding portfolio of online properties is able to accommodate millions of visitors a day, while our domain portfolio is able to help future business compete with brandable or keyword rich domain names.

If you are interested in discussing further the opportunities that could lie ahead, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.