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Cannabis Industry Employment Listings

(Press Release 6/9/2015)

The THC Group is proud to announce the opening of CannaTemps.com, a Cannabis Industry Job Listing and Placement service.

CannaTemps.com offers free job listings to businesses in the Cannabis Industry, to help expand their access to top-notch, qualified employees, who are
searching for Full Time, Part Time, Freelance, and Temporary employment.

If you are business that would like to work and partner with CannaTemps, to gain as much exposure as possible, please contact us immediately to talk further and discuss the endless possibilities.

Prospective job searchers are able to filter search results to fit their qualifications and desired positions they are searching for.

It is completely Free to use the CannaTemps website, so be sure to visit and see what you future in the Cannabis Industry holds.

For more information about CannaTemps.com, The THC Group, and the other Cannabis Related properties we maintain, head over to TheTHCGroup.com or contact us, to learn more.

Social Media Manager

The THC Group is looking for a Social Media Manager to update and maintain our social media accounts (twitter, facebook, instagram, google+) for the entire THC Media Network.

The ideal candidate will have experience in handling high volume social media profiles, the ability to multitask between accounts, have a clear understanding of cannabis and the culture surrounding it, and the ability to correspond with prospective clients of The THC Group and it’s network. The ability to word and phrase posts and tweets both professional and coherently is a must.

This position will require the interested party to be open for a couple hours worth of tasks, on a daily basis. This position will be considered as part time, sub contractor position for the near future, with the possibility of a long term contract. Any compensation will be negotiated and discussed prior to any offerings of a position.

If you think you are a qualified and would like to apply for this position, please send us a brief description of yourself, along with the qualities¬† and qualifications that you possess, that would make you the ideal candidate for this position. Be sure to respond with¬† “Social Media Manager” in the title of any emails. Experience and personal references in the cannabis industry are a plus.

We look forward to meeting and talking with all qualified candidates. Good Luck!!

Bert Cannavelli
The THC Group, LLC.